Since 2019 ECOlogic group s.r.o. focus on trading with non-dangerous waste as well as with the flow of secondary raw materials from their originators to final processors. For a long time we have been cooperating with various suppliers and customers from all over the Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, etc.). The main advantage of our wide portfolio of contacts and supply chains is that we are able to apply less valuable materials on the market as well as those of higher or even high value. As part of our many years of experience and contacts in the field of logistics we are able to provide material logistics with our own transport for materials quantities ranged from one pallet to whole truck. We guarantee for proper document administration as well as material flow management.

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At our plant in Lucenec our main focus is on storage as well as on mechanical crushing, sorting waste from customers, collection yards or from industrial companies. After some of these steps and thanks to our crushing industrial line, we are able to process these materials into highly valuable materials of high quality, which after the process of washing, drying, optical/polymer sorting and color sorting, enters the final stage of recycling and is re-circulated in the form of regranulate as a 100% recycled material suitable for the production of various plastic products.

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Services for companies

For companies we can offer collection of by-products respectively waste, which is an integral part of manufacturing in various companies (PP, ABS, HDPE, PA6 various discards and moldings from industrial lines but also materials such as paper packages, plastic packages, foil, etc.). We provide transportation and replacement of waste containers, while of course, there is confirmation of evaluation and if needed, we are also able to develop the so-called Green Plan. We approach each client individually and when requested, we are willing to develop a subjective waste management concept just for your needs. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

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Other services

Image 01 Transport

As part of our other business plans, our company also provides removals services and road freight transport services performed by vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5t as well as up to 12t. We provide this service via IVECO DAILY and IVECO EUROCARGO tarpaulin vans, which are also available for rent. Regarding transport, removals, or rental, do not hesitate to contact us at